A Desire to Refine

At Time Hotels, it’s not so much about living in the moment as it is about making each interaction so authentic, so inspiring, that the minutes seems to expand to more than their allotted 60 seconds. That each experience seems to last and last, lingering in the mind of the subject even long after it is gone forever. In our minds, we view time as the ultimate commodity, and the only thing that must leave our possession in order for us to become more complete. By reshaping and reimagining the hotel experience in subtle and unexpected ways, our properties appear to suspend time.  

In both design and concept, our Time Hotels transport guests on a journey from the unknown and the exciting, to the familiar and the comfortable. Along the way, elements of fun and whimsy materialize through clever touches and surprising twists. At its conclusion, what at first appeared to be sophisticated and style-focused is revealed to be exceedingly comfortable, inclusive and personalized. 

Time Hotels are destinations for the creative set, for a new breed of traveler seeking progressively designed living spaces, interactive social areas, and dining that balances upscale refinement with touches of cool. The overall result is a unique sense of existence that isn’t readily apparent, but rather uncovered slowly as the clock’s hands move round and round.