Every perception of the human experience holds one factor in common: the unwavering passage of time. Unable to be purchased or multiplied, time eludes even the most worldly – the well educated, well bred, and well traveled – among us. However, society dictates that we marvel over and even envy those who have time. It is with this insight into the ultimate commodity that we set about enhancing the hotel stay experience in ways that invite the suspension of time, and give the illusion of having more.

The Approach

A brand-new construction housed within the framework of a four-story, former factory, the Time Nyack honors the direction of the original Time Hotel in New York City. Discoveries lie hidden around each corner, starting in a lobby dotted with exquisite modern artwork and crowned with a jewel-box front desk. 

The Appeal

As guests of our property enter and uncover each space, they do so piece by piece, amidst a background of unexpected touches and pops of whimsical design elements... . Regardless where guests begin their exploration of the property, they’re sure to end it in the perfect venue to celebrate shared tastes and a love of travel with like-minded companions.

The Area

If ever an urbane stopover was defined by its surroundings, this is it. Culture, history, nature and sports converge here in the colorful town of Nyack, NY, enabling all to enjoy the experiences they long for most – and perhaps try something new along the way. Located in the heart of it all, the Time Nyack draws energy and inspiration from the heart of the Hudson River Valley, as if its many festivals, parades, shops, landmarks and trails were an extension of our building itself.