Man holding pocket magnifying glass & book at The Time New York
About Us

About Us

Hidden Gems & Perspectives That Excite

Unable to be separated from the human experience, some say the passage of time is as unchanging a force as we can ever know. But upon examining the seconds that tick past, we’ve instead chosen to view it as something else entirely: an uncommon luxury. Thus armed, we’ve distorted the hotel stay experience in unexpected and seemingly subtle ways to introduce a feeling of the suspension of time, and a perception of having more.

It's About TIME

Bedroom of Deluxe King with king size bed at The Time New York

The Evolution

Christened in 1999 but only truly defined by the present, The Time New York serves as the preferred haunt for many entertainers, celebrities, artists and the rest of the creative class. Yet what feels sophisticated at first glance is, with closer inspection, revealed as something more. Revealed bit by bit within the space, a layer of fun and whimsy is added through little twists that procure touches of the unexpected, contributing to a feeling of unwrapping and the excitement of play.

The Entry

The entryway of our luxury Midtown hotel is secret and seductive, revealing a hidden gem in the midst of the concrete urban jungle and mundane pulls of everyday life. Evoking the feeling of a place only you know, the light and airy lit reception area on the second floor has been created as a sanctuary where guests can decompress after walking in Times Square. From there, unusual elevator cars – surreal installations that push beyond transportation to create a sensation of the transformation of time and space – await.

Entrance to the hotel from valet parking at The Time New York
Bar & lounge area in LeGrande Lounge at The Time New York

The Environments

The openness and transparency of the lobby contrasts with the hidden areas of an enclosed bar and lounge immediately adjoining. Taking inspiration from the idea of a corset, these spaces are slowly unveiled throughout the journey to those persistent enough to pursue them. On the floors above, lie private accommodations offering sleek finishes, exceptional in-room hotel amenities and glimpses of the city. The final reveal, a spectacular Penthouse, is one visited by few but desired by all.


Black and White NYC panoramic view at The Time New York